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Testimonials and Reviews

Christie has been an excellent Sales Coach and Mentor for my professional life. She has a broad business and sales background that she applies to our team strategically and efficiently. Since she began working with our team, we not only collaborate better but our revenue has increased by 30% annually.  She took the time to really understand our business structure and quickly began developing ways to improve the way we were doing business.  She is an impeccable coach and has been amazing the work with.


Kelsey Jacobs

Training Services Representative at Manhattan Associates

Christie is a natural presenter, with a delightful and calming presence at the front of a room. She makes the material personal, which makes her instantaneously relatable, and you have no choice but to engage with her. My immediate impression of her presentation skills was, “Wow.”

Christie is tremendous, and if you’re debating about hiring her, stop. Pick up the phone and book her.


Jeff Bajorek
Professional Salesman | Shifter of Sales Paradigms | Keynote Speaker | Customer Loyalty Specialist

Christie is a highly skilled account manager who excels at building strong strategic account relationships. She understands account planning and marketing, and knows how to get the biggest bang out of a tight budget. 


Marianne Rocco

Christie is an excellent coach. She has a knack for identifying broken processes. She listens to clients and proposes strategies to repair barriers that get in the way of performance and goals. For our team, her approach focused on ways to replace redundant or non-existent habits with smart actions that accelerated talent development and increased sales of our training and services. Christie has a strong sales background and abundant knowledge of tools like Salesforce that she uses to maximize accuracy and save time. I recommend Christie to offer strategic advise for team collaboration, streamlining time management, evaluation of processes alignment to expectations/goals and organizing effective team building workshops.  I look forward to working with her again.


Perry Benson

Training and Development Manager – Manhattan Associates

Christie is an extremely motivated sales professional that works tirelessly to meet the needs of her customers. I have been able to grow my business by partnering with Christie and winning several large customers together. Her efforts to bridge the gap between distribution and manufacturing are unparalleled.


Jeff Stout

Vice President of Sales, Frontier Security

Christie is one of the most impressive and professional salespeople I have encountered during my career. She is excellent in front of customers and does an outstanding job with grasping the true value of a product and/or relationship; and conveying that value to all of the parties involved. There was a high comfort level whenever we met with customers as I knew there would be a positive result.


Greg Tinsley

Senior Sales Manager at S2 Security Corporation

I have known Christie both professionally and personally for seven years. We have spent many years “on the road” together and during road trips one can certainly measure the content of a partners work ethic and character. Throughout Christie’s career I have watched her successfully challenge herself daily to exceed the expectations of those she both works with and for. She has built a solid reputation within our industry of a tireless and reliable resource and consistent rainmaker. Throw in Christie’s genuine warmth and ability to understand the human side of our business and you have a winning combination that is admired by the channel she supports and their customers alike. Christie is a welcome addition to any team she joins.


Jackie Andersen

Director, Retail Strategy at Schneider Electric

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