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The Why And The Buy
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Do you understand your WHY?  Do you understand your Customer’s WHY

When you understand your WHY, your HOW and your WHAT become much easier. 

Join Christie and Jeff as they discuss their favorite business books, thought leaders, and life lessons in this entertaining podcast.

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  • Your Biggest Competitor with Lee Salz
    So that's the question. Who is your biggest competitor? You may have some possibilities pop into your head. But... you may not be right. Today's guest is here to tell you. Lee B. Salz is a leading sales management strategist and founder of Sales Architects and The Revenue Accelerator. He explains to Jeff and Christie […]
  • Uncrushed: Performance & Mental Health with Tim Clarke
    Our world has seen some sweeping changes. The sales world, the business world, our personal worlds. In a shifting landscape, people are more ready and willing to change companies or careers. In this age of connectivity, many are feeling more disconnected than ever, while many are feeling pressures of home and work colliding.  So Jeff […]
  • Pushing To The Edge with Jordana Zeldin
    What's the difference between hearing your first grader play the violin and your high school senior play the violin? One you want to listen to and one you don't, and practice! Our guest today is Jordana Zeldin, founder and sales coach at Spriing Training. In sales there is a lot of talk about what to […]
  • Modern Selling... With Purpose with Amy Franko
    Amy Franko joins the show today. She is a CEO, top keynote speaker, sales consultant and best-selling author of an amazing book called 'The Modern Seller.' This may set off thoughts of new data tools and technology to map out every facet of your sales process. But not so fast. Jeff and Amy have a […]