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The Why And The Buy
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Do you understand your WHY?  Do you understand your Customer’s WHY

When you understand your WHY, your HOW and your WHAT become much easier. 

Join Christie and Jeff as they discuss their favorite business books, thought leaders, and life lessons in this entertaining podcast.

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  • That's a Wrap!
    Well the day has come. This is the final The Why and The Buy podcast, after 5 years, 432 episodes and over 200,000 downloads. Jeff and Christie have a last co-hosting conversation about starting out, what they learned, what they might have changed, what incredible guests they've had,  knowledge they've gained, value they've shared, and […]
  • Integrity Sells with Todd Caponi
    "If the truth won't sell it, don't sell it." This is the favorite quote of today's guest. This is also the second to last episode of podcast, and the final interview. So Jeff reached out to his brother from another sales mother Todd Caponi to have that honor. Todd has written the book on transparency […]
  • Increase Your Outreach Odds with Jason Bay
    As the victory lap starts to enter the final turn, Jeff and Christie welcome the foremost authority on outbound prospecting – outbound sales coach and trainer, Jason Bay. Today Jason focuses on opening up opportunities and increasing your odds of getting what you want, AND actually enjoying yourself along the way. How about decreasing the […]
  • The Revealer with Mike Weinberg
    One of Jeff’s longtime best friends steps into the final few rounds of the victory lap! Mike Weinberg, best-selling sales author, trainer, consultant, and speaker is here. The group starts out talking about golf, but then use it as a metaphor for sales, and not being so tied to the securing the outcome that it […]