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Question of the Week: How Do You Show Up?

If you have been following my Question of the Week posts, you may notice that this week I switched to a second person perspective when I asked the question.  For example, last week I asked “What makes me laugh?” but this week I ask “How do you show up?”.  This isn’t just a slip up […]

Question of the Week: What Makes Me Laugh?

I talked last week about the fact that anything is possible with the right intention, attention, and execution. So to uncover all of my possibilities, I wanted to start with my intention.  Each day I asked myself What do I Intend? As you might expect, I approached this initially like a goal setting exercise for […]

Question of the Week: What Do I Intend?

Last week I asked the question:  What is possible?  I guess this one was a tough question for me since it will span two weeks in my QOW series. I was surprised by the fight my psyche put up when I forced myself not to just fill in the blanks each day with my answer, […]

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