Question of the Week: How Will You Finish?

Last week I asked the question, How Do You Show Up?  This question didn’t turn out to be as enlightening and uplifting as I had expected.  I am a Hyper-Achiever, so I always show up prepared.  Sometimes a little TOO prepared.  In fact, there are times when preparation becomes a crutch or a barrier to truly showing up.  An excuse for not pressing send or picking up the phone.  Wanting to show up perfectly so badly that sometimes I don’t show up at all.

I spent some time this past week at a business mastermind in beautiful Chapel Hill, NC.  I was in the company of some very accomplished professionals and one truly kick-ass coach.  We each had a turn in the “hot seat” to talk about our business goals and challenges.  When it came time for my turn, I was honestly a little disappointed in the outcome.  It was quite obvious that my time was spent on a lot of activities that made me feel good, but not on activities that generated revenue…WHAT?!…that’s right, it seems it’s more important to me to show up “looking” successful than to show up “being” successful.  OUCH!  The truth hurts sometimes.

Showing up isn’t about seeming important.  It’s not about seeming anything.   Showing up is about genuine curiosity, fierce courage, and true connection.  It’s obvious that I have some work to do on that front.  Do you?

The way you show up permeates every part of your life.  It’s not just about showing up in business and it’s not a one-dimensional element of success either.  But showing up curious, courageous, and connected does have a profound impact on success.  If you want to finish the big race, you have to show up for practice every day.  This week I want to spend some time dreaming about what my finish line might look like if I decide to really show up without fail every day, every moment, and in every interaction.

This week’s question:  How Will You Finish?  Show up everyday in every way for the rest of your life, what impact will that have on your finish line?

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