How Will You Define Your Year?

Believe. Connect. Health. Fun.

These four words will define my year. I have been a road warrior for the last 15 years…a corporate ladder climber for the last 25. I have dedicated 75-90% of my life for the last several years to my work. In fact, I had little time for anything else outside of my family and my work. At the end of last year, I hit a wall. I decided it was time to get back to the core of who I was.

I started my own coaching, training, and strategy business at the beginning of this year. I had done a lot to help organizations succeed, but watched too many competent executives and even front line employees crash and burn, either personally or professionally, because they lost sight of their purpose on earth. I’m good at it…I’m a good coach and strategist…I just needed to have the confidence that I could go out and build my own business doing so.


I believe that even in the corporate world, we serve a higher purpose and we can live a life of service to others and still be successful. I will believe that I am capable of standing on my own and helping multiple organizations and individuals succeed.


I am reconnecting those portions of my life that have been neglected over the last 15 years. I will connect and integrate different parts of my life that have out of necessity been siloed for so long because I was on the road outside of the Atlanta area. I will connect with my inner purpose and the inner purpose of others, and I  will connect to be successful.


Anyone who is a road warrior knows that it’s hard to be healthy when you travel 90% of the time. Just sit at Hartsfield-Jackson airport and watch the well traveled.We aren’t hard to spot: we all have pasty skin, look a little swollen from too many nights out with clients, are a little rounder around the middle, and look a bit like we need a good night’s sleep. Too much fast food/quick service food…it’s hard to find organic vegetables when you are on the road. I will learn to take a breath for my health…I will learn that for me to be healthy, I don’t need to go, go, go, but I need to slow, slow, slow.

Finally Fun

I’m going to have a blast doing it. I’m going to take one year of my life and I’m going to say yes to every fun thing I can find. I’m going to join Toastmasters….I’m going to do some golfing…I’m going to do some diving…I’m going to have nights out with my husband and my friends…I’m going to push my limits. I’m going to laugh, and I’m going to play. By the way, sometimes I’m going to be working while I do and I’m okay with that.

Believe. Connect. Health. Fun.

Those are the words that will define my 2016…what words will describe yours?

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